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Memorial Crosses & Crucifixes for Sale

Johnstown Hearse Rental stocks a variety of crosses and crucifixes, perfect for any mourner or family member, and for enhancing the final image of a loved one whom has passed.

Our types of crosses include bronze, pewter, copper, walnut, brass, silver and many combinations of these metals, wood, and stones. We also provide a variety of additional options with hand-painted or carved figures, and praying hands on the crosses. There are even multiple types of crosses, including orthodox or traditional styles to provide the greatest number of choices possible in finding the perfect crucifix.

Any of these crosses can be shipped anywhere in the United States despite being centrally located in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about our crosses and crucifixes for sale.

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Not everyone wants to place a crucifix around the neck of a loved one that has passed, before his or her burial, when it could be a family heirloom. This is precisely why we offer brand new crosses, to provide a loved one with a cross they will always carry, without losing something that can remain in the family for generations.

Selling Exclusively to Funeral Homes & Licensed Funeral Directors Nationwide