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For over 60 years, Johnstown Hearse Rental & Funeral Supplies has helped countless funeral homes by providing high quality items that augment their services and their bottom line. We work closely with funeral home directors to ensure they have the right supplies for their clients and business. From prep room supplies to cremation items and everything in between, we’ll provide your funeral home with the right products. Here is a look at the items we routinely provide funeral homes:

Acknowledgment Cards

Acknowledgment cards are ideal for funeral homes to have on hand, as they provide families stricken with grief to show apperception to family, friends, pallbearers and others for their support during a difficult time. We offer members a wide range of options, ensuring you have an option for the many preferences of clients.

Cremation Urns and Supplies

As the popularity of being cremated continues to rise, it’s vital for funeral homes to have the right creation items in place, especially urns. Provide your customers with an assortment of visually appealing options by choosing Johnstown Hearse Rental & Funeral Supplies as your funeral home supplier.

Crosses and Crucifixes

Funerals are a time where faith serves as a pillar to help families and friends through a difficult time. Many families of the deceased like to have crosses adorning caskets or in eyesight of the to help them through a difficult time. We sell many options to funeral directors, including crosses both orthodox and traditional styles.

Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are ubiquitous at funerals, as families of the deceased select the right tribute for their loved one. As such, it is important for funeral home directors to have a large selection of prayer cards available to customers; we have myriad options at terrific prices for members.

Prep Room Supplies for Funeral Homes

In order to do their jobs, funeral home directors need mortuary supplies, including but not limited to chemicals, products for incisions and postures, masks, gloves, jackets and other safety items. Our team can provide you with all you need to keep your mortuary room properly stocked.

Register Books

It’s vital for funeral homes to have register books so clients can see which family members, friends and colleagues of the deceased came to pay their respect. Johnstown Hearse Rental has visually appealing options, as well as options for special groups, such as one for a deceased officer or fireman.

Service Records

If clients are asking for a service record, our members can provide them with what they need; we offer all sorts of options, including but not limited to patriotic, outdoor, military and religious options.

Other Useful Supplies for Funeral Homes

In addition to the aforementioned supplies, we also have an array of other items that prudent funeral home directors keep in stock for customers, including but not limited to urn covers, bags, pallbearer gloves, rosary beads, flag banners, flag bans, grave markers and more.

If you have any questions or if you need help selecting the right supplies for your funeral home, contact us today.

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